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Julia Prokhokova
Airiness and easiness are peculiar to the works of the painter. Soft and sonorous color, calmed lyrical inflexion and melancholy of narration make her graphic sceneries related to the paintings of masters of the beginning of past century.
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Born in Kirovsk region. Graduated from the faculty of graphic arts of the V.I.Surikov Moscow State Academical Institute under the tuition of Prof.B.A.Uspenskij and A.B.Jakushin. The administration of national museum-manor “Arkhangelskoye” noted her pastel series “Arkhangelskoye. Yusupov's manor”. During 2000-2001 took part in wall-painting of the Christ the Saviour Church in Moscow. In 2002-2007 she lectured in the faculty of design of Kirovsk branch of Moscow Humanitarian-Economic Innstitute. Since 2003 is the member of Union of Russian Artists.