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Igor Revenko
The writing on the wall
Vakarev Vladislav
The writing on the wall
Gorokhovets. Panorama

Gorokhovets. Panorama
The ark
Sergey Belov
The ark

"From city to city" (painting, graphic)

December 20, 2007 - March 16, 2008

Moscow Domodedovo International Airport

The second exhibition of modern art under a joint project From city to city, organized by Moscow Domodedovo International Aiport and Art Impress association, has been held at the airport's VIP lounge.

More than sixty masterpieces representing different currents of modern art are displayed. They are devoted to the artistic representation of the beauty in the totality of its manifestations. The idea of the collection of art works prepared for the current exhibition emerged as a result of longtime reflections on the issues of the role and the place of a human being in the contemporary changing world. The exhibits belong to artists of different age, countries and cultural traditions. They are created in a variety of painting styles including both the rigor academic manner and the vanguard experimental search. Despite the variety of manner and matter all of the masterpieces are common not only in a general trend but in lyricism and spirituality of artistic characters. The whole of them are carrying high emotional charge and creative energy.

The unique architectural ensemble of the airport being a symbol of the modern urban culture appears to become an ideal background for developing a subject on the topic From city to city. The masterpieces in the crowded space not only draw attention but give rise to involvement and empathy.

The basic idea of the current exhibition resulted from the fruitful collaboration between the Art Impress association and Moscow Domodedovo International Airport in the context of the airport development plan

Exhibition catalogue (Russian-English edition, Adobe Acrobate)

Participants of the exhibition:

Sergey Belov
Vidmantas Vajtkjavitchus
Vladislav Vakarev
Karine Danijeljan
Alexey Zhuchkov
Yury Zotov
Svetlana Kaljakulina
Maxim Kolesov
Sergey Marchenko
Pavel Otdelnov
Anastasija Rajkova
Igor Revenko
Polina Rybakova
Yulia Selivanova
Michail Smirnov
Yeugenija Sobolevskaja
Ajgerim Syzdykova
Svetlana Temchjuk
Yelena Pheodor
Rusudan Hantadze-Andronikashvili