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Elena Feodor "Garden symphony" (painting, graphic)

February 13, 2009 - March 11, 2009

Vnukovo International Airport Moscow

The exhibition named Garden symphony at the VIP-lounge of Vnukovo International Airport is presented by Art Impress artist association as a part of Gardens and parks art-project.

The art works of Elena Feodor talanted young artist are presented to air passengers. On the canvases of her art works fantastical plants are growing, birds are singing and wonderful ladies are posing. Keeping the forms of her models concrete and tangible Elena is rejecting details and documentarity. As a result the complete character full of symbolical polysemy, which is poetical and contemplative at the same time is created by the artist.  

The reality appears as fantastic collage of emotions, thoughts, merging of cultures and spirits of the times. Internal liveliness and openness of artistic vision is reinforced by using of different and unexpected materils - from oil-paint to cardboard, fabric, threads and bits of wood.