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Sergey Belov
The life of megapolis, co-existence and interrelations of people, buildings, plants and different things - is the main theme of the artist. Fragmentariness of perception and theatricality of composition are peculiar to his art works. Numerous everyday scenes are performed on canvas like on stage where common becomes amazing, ordinary becomes beautiful and exalted. In this theatre people are crowd sometimes when objects play key roles assuming their own character, soul and destiny.


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Stairs Stairs
Communications Communications
On a yellow bough On a yellow bough
In the height of summer In the height of summer
The heating main The heating main
Monday morning Monday morning
Quiet Quiet
Below the clouds Below the clouds
Interlacing with red Interlacing with red
The season of migrant leaves The season of migrant leaves
Maintaining the quiet Maintaining the quiet
Evening news Evening news
City man City man
Feeding of birds Feeding of birds