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Syzdykova Ajgerim
Syzdykova Ajgerim born in the town of Alma-Ata. Graduated from the faculty of painting of the V. I. Surikov Moscow State Academical Institute under the tution of P.F. Nikonov. Member of the Russian Union of Artists, 2006. Several times was selected to participate in all-Russia young artists exhibitions. Several times was awarded the diploma from the Moscow Union of Artists for her work.


絵画 |

Station Station
Window-3 Window-3
Window Window
Moscow Moscow
The village of my husband The village of my husband
Metro Metro
Immigration office Immigration office
Evening Evening
Girls Girls
Portrait of sister Portrait of sister
Revolution Square station Revolution Square station
Piter Piter
Still life with mirror Still life with mirror
Moscow Moscow
Golyanovo Golyanovo
Breakfast Breakfast
Ormanbai Ormanbai
Boy with plums Boy with plums
Bukhara Bukhara
At table At table
Ovens Ovens
Acrobat Acrobat
Landscape Almaata Landscape Almaata
Poplar Poplar
Landscape Almaty Landscape Almaty
Bukhara carpet Bukhara carpet
Crying Crying
Wounded Wounded
Family Family
Self-portrait Self-portrait
Pink landscape Pink landscape
Children Children
Portrait of stranger Portrait of stranger
Small yard Small yard
Still life with electric kettle Still life with electric kettle
Yard Yard
Still life with garlic Still life with garlic
Game Game
Still life Still life
Abraham's life Abraham's life
Composition with chimney Composition with chimney
Red still life Red still life
Still life with teakettle Still life with teakettle