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Otdelnov Pavel
Otdelnov Pavel born in the town of Dzerzhinsk. Graduated from the faculty of painting of the V. I. Surikov Moscow State Academical Institute under the tution of P.F. Nikonov. Beginning from 2005 he is a post graduate student in this institute.<br />Member of the Moscow Union of Artists, 2006.<br />Scholarship holder in the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. Winner of the Diploma of the of the Moscow Union of Artists. Prize-winner of Moscow contests of young artists. Permanently being selected for exhibitions in Moscow, Poland (Miezdunarodny Plener Malarski, Slavkov, 1997), Italy (Mostra di Padova, 2001). The artist has several personal exhibitions to his credit in Russia and in Italy (Albarella, Italy, 2001). His pieces are present in the collections of the Museum of the Union of Artists, Gorbachjov Foundation and in many private collections in Russia, Italy, Germany and Poland.<br />He is famous for his works in monumental painting in the city churches of Dzerzhinsk, Bezhetsk, Vjatka, Nizhnij Novgorod and others.


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