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Mikhail Smirnov
Plasticity is the distinguishing feature of his artworks. Smooth and viscous rhythms, plain and soft silhouettes, great colour mass inspire his artworks with monumentalism and give them particular emotional expressiveness. Texture and extensionality are important for the author: not by chance many of his artworks are realized in encaustic technique.


絵画 | グラフィックス |

Berry-UCAM Berry-UCAM
Flight over the ocean Flight over the ocean
Coffee shop Coffee shop
Newman boulevard Newman boulevard
Green bottle Green bottle
Self portrait Self portrait
Communal still life Communal still life
In the loft In the loft
Night Night
Foothills Foothills

By the lake Ilmen By the lake Ilmen
Water-melon salespeople Water-melon salespeople
By the lake By the lake
Zhalauly Zhalauly
At Brjanskaja. The grey day At Brjanskaja. The grey day
In memory of Matvejev In memory of Matvejev
The trees of my childhood The trees of my childhood
St. Isaac's Cathedral St. Isaac's Cathedral