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Sergey Belov
The life of megapolis, co-existence and interrelations of people, buildings, plants and different things - is the main theme of the artist. Fragmentariness of perception and theatricality of composition are peculiar to his art works. Numerous everyday scenes are performed on canvas like on stage where common becomes amazing, ordinary becomes beautiful and exalted. In this theatre people are crowd sometimes when objects play key roles assuming their own character, soul and destiny.
絵画 | グラフィックス |

Born in the town of Krasnodar. Graduated from the faculty of monumental painting of the V.I.Surikov Moscow State Academical Art Institute. Diploma art work "Moscow evening" is granted by Ministry of culture of Russian Federation. Since 1995 is the member of International Federation of Artists (UNESCO). Since 2001 is the member of International Art Fund. In 1999 painted Assumption Church in Kosino (Moscow). Participated in several Sotheby's ArtLink auctions. His artworks are presented in St.Echmiadzin Museum (Armenia), in Museum of Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, in Museum of History of Moscow, in collection of Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, private collections in Russia and abroad.

Personal and group exhibitions:
- "Air intensity", europ'art'09, Geneva, Switzerland, 2009
- "Portrait of the flower", Vnukovo International Airport, 2008
- "Portrait against a grass background”, Moscow, 2008
- "Family exhibition of Sergey Belov and Tatyana Struchkova "Family portrait", Moscow, 2008
- "From city to city", Domodedovo International Airport, 2007-2008
- "Choice" XI International Forum of Art Initiatives, New Manezh, Moscow, 2006
- "Growing out of Earth", InfoProstranstvo International Art Center, Moscow, 2006
- "Power", Moscow Museum of Modren Art, Moscow, 2006
- Personal exhibition "Heating main, Moscow, 2006
- Personal exhibition "Domestication of flower", Moscow, 2005
- Personal exhibition "Crossroads", Moscow, 2003
- "Sotheby's - ArtLink", auction, New York, USA, 2002
- Project "City of roads", Moscow, 2002
- "Environment of living", Moscow, 2002
- "The authority and the city", Museum of History of Moscow, 2001
- "Moscow in artists' view", Moscow, 2001
- "Golden brush", Moscow, 2001
- "Art-Salon", Moscow, 2001
- "Sotheby's - ArtLink", auction, New York, USA, 2001
- "Sotheby's - ArtLink", auction, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2001
- "Environment of living", Moscow, 2000
- "Art-Salon", Moscow, 2000
- Spring and autumn exhibitions, Moscow, 1997-1999
- Personal exhibition "Motives", Moscow,1998
- Personal exhibition, Krasnodar, Russia, 1995
- "Russian oil painting", Hong Kong, 1995
- "Russian Style", Hong Kong, 1994
- "Fine art classics", Moscow, 1994