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Today, December 20, Moscow Domodedovo International Airport and Art Impress Association presented the exhibition of painting and graphics at the airport's VIP lounge. Twenty artists, the Art Impress associates, take part in the joint exposition project "From city to city". The works are created in a variety of painting styles including both the rigor academic manner and the vanguard experimental search. The main theme of the exposition is the human being, his path and place on earth. It is not only the theme that makes the exposition a comprehensive whole, but it is also a special lyrical mood and spirituality of images that are common for all the works, be that the whirl of a megalopolis or the leisurely pace of the province, the fluidity of the country living or the frozen architectural statics of old cities.

Olga Barbotko, General Director of Art Impress Association and Timur Kireev, Press Secretary of Moscow Domodedovo International Airport welcomed the participants and the guests of the exhibition.

For the first time in Russia, within the framework of joint project of Art Impress Association and Moscow Domodedovo International Airport a conceptual exhibition of painting and graphics was presented for the passengers of the VIP-lounge of the airport.

The entrance to the exhibition is free till March 16th, 2008. To order invitations please call +7-916-646-0079.