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Pascal Couchepin
Art Impress exposition
Art Impress exposition


On April 22-26 Art Impress artists took part in europ'art'09 - the 18th edition of Geneva International Art Show (EuropArt). Sergey Belov, Tatyana Struchkova, Natalya Nepovinnikh, Larisa Meteleva and Rusudan Hantadze-Andronikashvili have presented their art works in Switzerland together with the artists from 30 countries all over the world (more information about "Air intensity" of Art Impress please find here).

europ'art'09 presents different currents of modern art - from traditional to contemporary. But this special year the europ'art'09 has also gained the new image based on a unique atmosphere of interrelation between spectators and art.

Christoph Bollmann europ'art'09 Art Director have shared his impressions and future plans with Olga Barbotko, Head of Art Impress Artist Association. To create an exemplary art show deserving to take place among recognized art forums - this is the idea of Mr.Bollmann. Undoubtedly Art Director of Geneva Art Show who had thought through the show's aesthetics have succeeded in creation of special atmosphere using perfect lighting, great stand and recreation location, thematic performances. As a result - comfortable conditions for meeting with the art have become a real surprise for more than one hundred thousand spectators.